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New Smoking Laws Now in Effect 


 Smoking has been banned in NSW in spectator areas of all sports grounds during organised sporting events since 7 January 2013.  The new legislation applies to all sports grounds whether Council, Public or Privately owned and operated.

Please refer to the link below relating to Players Smoking and Smoking at Grounds.

Heavy fines apply if these laws are not obeyed.

Personal Injury Claims


Although no player intentionally goes out to get injured, sometimes accidents do happen. With this, links have been placed on the “Coaches & Managers” page of the website. These links will take you to documents guiding you through the process of what happens when a player is injured.


There is also a link to a claim form which needs to be completed and returned to the Club Secretary within a defined period from the date of the injury.


Please read these documents carefully

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Pets at Bensley Road


Due to an issue where a child was bitten by a dog which was on a leash, the Committee has taken the steps to request that dogs not be brought to the field at any time.

Currently, any person found bringing a dog to the field will be asked to remove the animal from the park.

Please take note of this request as this decision has been made with the safety of all people who visit our fields in mind