The Gunners AGM is held every 12 months to elect  a committee for the ensuing year.  Most positions are vacated at the AGM except for the Executive Committee, which has a 3 year tenure. It is difficult to get parents and players to fill these positions, so at time, the club runs without all positions being filled.

 If you are interested in helping the 2019 committee, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Gary Phillips.  Please see the table below which lists all the committee members along with the positions still vacant. Any application should be forwarded via email to Gunners President Gary Phillips at this e-mail address:

Your club needs YOU. Without this committee the club does not exist. We strongly urge you to consider a position within the committee to have your voice heard.

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Pets at Bensley Road


Due to an issue where a child was bitten by a dog which was on a leash, the Committee has taken the steps to request that dogs not be brought to the field at any time.

Currently, any person found bringing a dog to the field will be asked to remove the animal from the park.

Please take note of this request as this decision has been made with the safety of all people who visit our fields in mind