Ingleburn Village Mowers

Ingleburn Village Mowers is another of our Major sponsors this year.

Village Mowers is situated in Memorial Avenue Ingleburn and is open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and 8:00am to 2pm on Saturday.

Check out the website for more details, and don’t forget to tell the Team at Village that you are from Gunners

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Contact Us

Gunners Soccer Club

Bensley Road Soccer Complex

Bensley Road, Macquarie Fields NSW 2564

Phone: 9605 8460

Facebook: Gunners Soccer Club Bensley Road

Email: gunnerssc@hotmail.com

Pets at Bensley Road


Due to an issue where a child was bitten by a dog which was on a leash, the Committee has taken the steps to request that dogs not be brought to the field at any time.

Currently, any person found bringing a dog to the field will be asked to remove the animal from the park.

Please take note of this request as this decision has been made with the safety of all people who visit our fields in mind