Return to Play Guidelines

We are pleased to advise that we have been given approval from the various governing bodies to return to competition, however there are strict guidelines that we all must adhere to which are outlined below and within Football NSW's Return to Play Guidelines and sticking to the Training Schedule outlined below and completing a record of attendance for each training session.


Coronaviruses are a type of of virus that can affect humans and animals. Some coronavirus cause illness similar to the common cold and others cause more serious illness, including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

All football participants including players, coaches, match officials, club officials and any other person at the venue are responsible for stopping the spread of the virus. The following guidelines are designed to assist in understanding ways that you can help.


Prepare and dress for training at home
Shower at home before and after your training
Wash or sanitise your hands before and after your training
Arrive for your training 5 minutes prior
Where possible maintain a 1.5m distance from others
Fill and bring your own clearly labelled drink bottle from home


Sore throat
Shortness of breath

​Training Schedule

Below are the details of the time slots and field allocations for each team that has expressed an interest in training. Please contact the relevant coordinator for your age group to request any changes, but do not attend the location/section until it has been approved via committee.

Please make sure you do NOT arrive any earlier or leave any later then your allocated time slot and that you contain your training to the specified location/section

A Record of Attendance must be completed and submitted for every training session. This can either be done by completing the online form or via handwriting onto the document and submitting via email to

 TeamDay & Time Location/Section
 Little GunnersWednesday 5-7pm  Bensley Field 1 / South
U6 RedWednesday 5-7pmBensley Field 1 / North
 U6 WhiteTuesday 5-6pm Mini / A 
 U7 Red Tuesday 5-7pm Bensley Field 1 / South B
 U7 White Wednesday 5-7pm Mini / A
 U7 Blue Thursday 5-7pmMini / A 
 U7 YellowMonday 5-7pm  Mini / A
 U8 White Tuesday 5-7pm Bensley Field 1 / North
 U8 Red Tuesday 5-7pm Bensley Field 1 / South A
 U9 YellowWednesday 5-7pm  Mini / B
 U9 WhiteTuesday 5-7pm  Hazlett Oval / A
 U9 Red Tuesday 6-7pmMini /  A
 U10 BlueTuesday 5-7pm  Bensley Field 2 / B
 U10 Red Tuesday 5-7pm Bensley Field 2 / C
 U10 WhiteThursday 5-7pm  Hazlett Oval / A
 U11 GreenTuesday 5-7pm
 Thursday 5-7pm
Hazlett Oval / C
Hazlett Oval / B  & C
 U11 Blue Tuesday 5-7pmHazlett Oval / B 
 U11 RedWednesday 5-7pm  Bensley Field 2 / A & B
 U12 Girls Thursday 5-7pm Bensley Field 2 / B
 U12 Div 2Tuesday 5-7pm  Bensley Field 2 / A
 U12 Div 4Wednesday 5-7pm Hazlett Oval / A 
 U13 GirlsMonday 5-7pm 
Thursday 5-7pm
Hazlett Oval / A
Bensley Field 2 / A 
 U13 Div 2Tuesday 5-7pm
Thursday 5-7pm 
Bensley Field 2 / D
Bensley Field 1 / South 
 U14 Div 1 Tuesday 6-8pmMini / B 
 U15 GirlsMonday 5-7pm
 Wednesday 5-7pm
Hazlett Oval / B
Hazlett Oval / B 
 U15 Div 1 Wednesday 5-7pm Bensley Field 2 / C & D
 U15 Div 2Tuesday 5-7pm 
Thursday 5-7pm
Bensley Field 1 / North
Bensley Field 2 / C & D 
 U16 Div 1 Wednesday 7-9pm Hazlett Oval / C
 U17 Div 2Monday 6-8pm
Thursday 5-7pm 
Bensley Field 1 / North & South
Bensley Field 1 / North
 U18 Div 1Wednesday 7-9pm Bensley Field 2 / C
 All Age 2Wednesday 7-9pm Hazlett Oval / A 
 All Age 4Wednesday 7-9pm  Hazlett Oval / B
 All Age 6Wednesday 7-9pm  Mini / A & B
 All Age Ladies 2 Wednesday 7-9pm Bensley Field 2 / A & B
 All Age Ladies 5Thursday 7-9pm Mini / A & B 
  All Age Div 2 Wednesday 7-9pmBensley Field 2 / B 
 All Age Div 3Thursday 7-9pm  Bensley Field 2 / A & B
  All Age Div 4 Wednesday 7-9pm Bensley Field 2 / B
 All Age Div 5Tuesday 7-9pm 
Thursday 7-9pm
Bensley Field 2 / A 
Bensley Field 2 / C & D
  All Age Div 6 Wednesday 7-9pm Bensley Field 2 / A
 M League 1Tuesday 8-9pm
Thursday 7-9pm 
Bensley Field 1 / North 
Bensley Field 1 / North
 M League 2Tuesday 8-9pm
 Thursday 7-9pm
 Bensley Field 1 / South
 Bensley Field 1 / South
 Over 35 Div 1Tuesday 7-9pm  Bensley Field 2 / C & D
 Over 35 Div 2 Wednesday 7-9pmBensley Field 2 / D 
 Over 35 Div 3Friday 7-9pm Bensley Field 2 / C & D 
 Over 45s Tuesday 7-9pm Bensley Field 2 / B
 Beep Test & Sprint Training
By registration only
 Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm
Thursday 7-9pm
 Hazlett Oval / A & B
Hazlett Oval / A & B

​Field Allocation Map