Seniors & All Ages

All Age: $350

M League: $420

Seniors and All Ages Fees include: Registration and Match Fees. 

Home Game Referee Fees are payable separately.


Please direct Senior and All Age player enquiries to



U6-U7: $150

U8-U9: $200


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Below are the Manager/Coach Checklist and the Committee Match Day Checklist. 

These will assist in ensuring a smooth Game Day for everyone. 

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Here are the rules for the Sin Bin and Technical Area. The outlines for Judiciary Procedures are also listed below. 

Any time a player is sent off, these guides will be follow strictly. If there are any concerns regarding behaviour or due process, please contact Gunners President or Secretary.

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Below you will find Match Card Instructions and a sample to show you how to complete one properly. Please take care to read carefully and ensure the match cards are completed exactly to the instructions provided for submission. 

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Please see below for the 2019 Referee Match Fees as agreed by the MFA and MDFRA. 

Please be aware that these fees may change for the 2020 season. 

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Coaches and Managers, there are still srips outstanding for the 2019 season. 

Please call Geoff King on 0401 775 654 urgently to arrange for outstanding bags or individual strips to be returned.

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Due to an issue where a child was bitten by a dog which was on a leash, the Committee has taken the steps to request that dogs not be brought to the field at any time.

Currently, any person found bringing a dog to the field will be asked to remove the animal from the park.

Please take note of this req...

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Although no player intentionally goes out to get injured, sometimes accidents do happen. 

These 'Player Insurance Information' link below will take you to documents guiding you through the process of what happens when a player is injured.


There is also a link to a claim form which needs to ...

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Smoking has been banned on Spectator Areas of Sports Grounds since 2013. 

It is proven through research that secondhand smoke can directly affect others adversely, especially children. 

If anyone smoking in any spectator areas of sports grounds, you will be reported and heavy fines will appl...

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Information on our Coaching Courses available for 2019
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